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As seen on the biggest loser and the contender!

Ray Kelly is Australia’s leading ‘go-to’ guy for the best weight loss tips in the Industry

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In this FREE Diet & Exercise Plan guide, Ray Kelly will lead you by the hand, step by step through your weight loss journey. He will empower you with his expert tricks and tips that have never failed to get results! Made for the real world not a perfect world this guide introduces proven techniques developed with elite athletes that have been tailored to help average and/ or overweight people get the results they want fast. Even if you can’t walk for more than 5 minutes without losing steam this guide will prove that anyone can lose as much weight as they want to!


All about Ray Kelly, the Rapid Weight Loss Specialist


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Ray Kelly is without argument one of Australia’s leading weight loss authorities. A trained exercise physiologist with almost 20 years experience, Ray has created programs for Olympic athletes, champion fighters (such as Anthony Mundine), overweight celebrities and even the morbidly obese. And he has never failed!

With his unprecedented success Ray has become the go-to man for personal trainers and he regularly lectures to other weight loss advisors on how to train specifically for rapid results.

Referred to as the “Anthony Robbins” of weight loss, Ray doesn’t just create programs that fit to your level he also shows you how to rewire your brain flicking off the switch to emotional eating and quashing those mental demons for life.

Having already consulted on TV’s the Biggest Loser and The Contender, Ray is keen to help curb Australia’s obesity epidemic by sharing his elite knowledge in this FREE download.


  • The secrets used behind the scenes of the ‘Biggest Loser’ and ‘Contender’ TV shows!
  • How to rewire your brain to flick off the emotional eating switch (no weight loss plan will ever work long term without this!)
  • The easy 15 stage plan that can take you from a zero fitness level to easily running 10 km’s without even wanting to stop
  • The only way to strip fat without losing essential muscle mass (Ray actually used this when he helped boxer Anthony Mundine go down to just 70kilos to drop a weight division)
  • How walking just 5 minutes a day is all you need to do to get on the path for the best weight loss success of your life.
  • How to overcome the negative thinking that is stopping you from even getting started

Plus lots of Fat stripping recipes and a day by day exercise plan!

Celebrities, athletes and wealthy business men have paid thousands just to get half the information that Ray is giving to you in this program! And its yours right now for FREE!