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Robert M lost 27kg

“I am filled with energy & importantly I have added 15 years to my life.”

Kylie M lost 20.5kg

“Rapid Loss saved my life”

Curb Hunger

Rapid Loss' unique fullness effect shrinks the space in your stomach and flicks off the hunger switch.

Fast Weight Loss

On average customers loss 2-3kg per week using Rapid Loss!*

*individual results may vary

So Many Flavours!

with 9 different flavours to choose from, we really have something for everyone! 

At Rapid Loss we want to empower you to create healthy eating habits. We take the guess work out, leaving  to get on with living.

Health & Wellbeing

The Chilly Truth About Winter Weight Loss

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6 Ways To Look And Feel Less Bloated

Sometimes you just get that bloated feeling, a bit sluggish, a bit puffier than usual. It happens to all of us at one...
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